Beverly Weekend Rides April 21/22

April 20, 2018

Signs of Spring at last …

10 AM rollout both Saturday and Sunday.  Knobby tires. Modest early season pace. Leaders and routes to be formed at the start, probably coffee by shorter flatter routes.

Remember that early rides should not be leg or lung busters, just plan to spin cadence in a low gear to get some basic form back for a few hundred miles ( 1000, some would day!). The next ride can be longer OR harder than the one before, but not both. If you are pounding it in a big gear on your early rides then you are probably doing it wrong.



Too cold Tuesday

April 17, 2018

Nope, not tonight, but it will warm up eventually.

Thursday 6:15 PM

April 12, 2018

I’d like to volunteer to lead a 6:15 base mile ride tomorrow, Thursday from Beverly up to Auburn Hills and back following the traditional route. Candice and I rode it Tuesday and the route remains serviceable. Easy-moderate-early season-no drop pace. CX or mountain bikes for sure – it’s a prostate-pounder. I’ve never posted to the Wolverine group, so if someone (Calvin?) is supportive and willing, I’ll be indebted. Complaining about the roads is like complaining about the weather – so I’ll just say if Gretchen Whitmer wants to be governor, she should run on roads, roads, roads, along with a clear plan on how we’ll pay for ‘em and get from worst in class to best in class. Peace, love, and understanding – BB

Bill Blaul

Regular Ride Schedules Resume April 10 & 17

March 28, 2018

The weather has been unusually rider hostile this Spring. I know that many people are already out racking up miles. but some of us our still staying warm instead. I foresee regular Tuesday-Thursday rides resuming Tuesday April 17.  Most of the regular leader are off duty until then for various reasons, so there will be no posted rides before that date unless YOU post one, which you are encouraged to do. Just state your plan in the comments here and see who shows up.

Saturday/Sunday at 10:00 AM from April 7 (no official leader weeks 1 or 2)

Tuesday and Thursday 6:15 PM from 4-17-18 with the regular leaders.

Evening rides are timed to end about 15 minutes before sunset, but always carry a tail light just in case. Weekend rides normally include a coffee stop and return by 12:30 PM, but may be shorter in early season or colder weather.

If you are a lurker on the blog or know someone who would LIKE to join a group ride but who is intimidated by the pace or idea of riding in a group, EARLY SEASON is the time to join us. Everyone is slow early season, so you can ride into shape with the group as you learn how to manage inside a group ride. Waiting until you “ride into shape” to join is a tactic that fails every time, as the group will gain speed faster than you do alone, so just jump in early.

Knobby tires are preferred for now, but ride anything. The roads are in poor shape.  I plan to stay on the gravel bike a bit longer this year due to the horrendous condition of area roadways [A big shout out here to Gov. Snyder and the GOP legislators, who went for an extra $25 tax refund instead of more road repairs this year. Road spending in Michigan is less than 1/3 per capita what is invested in surrounding states like Ohio. Now you know why are Michigan roads are so dangerously decayed].

If YOU are on a road bike, which is FASTER than others on slower knobby bikes, REMEMBER that this ride is STILL POSTED AS A KNOBBY TIRE RIDE, it is YOUR responsibility to moderate your pace to suit the group. If you want to work harder just drift off the back a bit and then chase back on. Early season rides should be small ring, high spin, moderate effort rides to build basic fitness. If you are hammering in the Big Ring now, then you are very probably doing it wrong and you will pay for it later in the season with fatigue and sore knees.

If no regular leader has appeared at ride time, that is your cue to pick up the challenge and lead out a safe, fun, compact ride that gets back right on the advertised time on a creative route of your own choice that is not too slow or too fast or too bumpy or too loopy or too flat or too hilly or too traffic-busy or too warm or too windy or too cold and has no crashes.


TODAY is the LAST day to order 2018 WSC kit!

March 18, 2018
See below.  This is probably the last year of this uniform design. See you on the road, or, what’s left of the roads.

Hi All,
The 2018 Wolverine team store is live to place your orders.  Use the link below to enter the store.
We are using the same format we did last year, all orders are placed online individually but will ship to me in mid April for disbursement.
Right now the online store is set to close on March 14th, I will change that to March 18th so you have two full weeks to place orders.
New this year are the high visibility jersey and vest – same WSC design in a neon yellow color.
Let me know if you have any questions about placing orders!
Erin Robertson