Saturday Nov 10 … Regular ride season has ended.

November 9, 2018 by

With a wind chill in the upper teens tomorrow, I don’t plan to lead a ride. It is that sad time of year when regular rides come to an end, and irregular rides will be posted as weather permits.

This post will be pinned on the top of the blog site, so if you want to lead a ride out yourself you can post your plans to look for some company.

Thanks to all riders for a safe season this year.



2019 WSC Kit Orders Now Open Until March 4

February 23, 2019 by

You must be a WSC Club member to order club uniforms. This is normally a ONCE PER YEAR opportunity to order club gear, so if you miss it then you missed it until next year! No extras are ordered, you must order your own stuff.

Hi Wolverines,

We finally have the Louis Garneau online store ready for orders.
Use the link below to check out the store and the new designs for 2019.
You will need to create your own user name and password if you’ve never ordered through the Pick.Pay.Ride site before.
The orders will once again ship to my address in mid-April and I will send out the details for pickup.
The store is set to close on Monday March 4 at 11:59pm so please place your orders soon!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Erin Robertson

Tune Up Time

February 22, 2019 by

The classic post below outlines a detailed annual service, as it should be done. If you’re not up for it yourself RIGHT NOW is the time to take it into your local shop where bored mechanics are standing by for about one more week. And then they will get like 500 bikes in to assemble for spring and will have no choice but to make you wait.


Almost free new bike except for what’s not.

This is a good time of year to get your steed in good order for Spring .  One of the best ways to do that is to check a few basics, and then strip it to a near bare frame for a good cleaning and reassembly.  This can be done on most modern bikes with little more than a cassette tool, chain whip, hex wrenches, and some know-how.  Bikes last a long time if properly cared for, and just a few service parts will return most to like-new conditions.  Google is your friend, and you will find videos for most special tasks on YouTube.

Before you do anything else, get a steel tape or rule and measure between pins on your chain – you should find two pins exactly 12″ apart on a new chain. At 12 1/16″ you need a new chain; at 1 2 1/8 you will probably also need a new cassette and maybe new changer pulleys. Beyond 12 1/8″ maybe you’ll need chain rings too … Ouch! Expect AT LEAST one chain per year – they usually do 2500-3500 miles depending on your style and lubrication habits.  One drop of oil per link once a week like ProLink or Dumonde Lite, spin it, rag off the excess.  Nice.

Check your tires and brakes, too.  If you get 1 to 1 1/2 seasons on Beverly Rides out of a set of tires you are doing OK. Figure 3500-5000 miles. Brake pads have a wear line, or if you don’t have grooves left they are worn out.

When you get new tires change up to 25 mm width. They roll faster than 23’s and are much more resistant to pinch flats, which are the #1 cause of flats on our craptastic roads. Mine are normally inflated to around 85 psi which means that it is a nice comfy ride.

Buy what spares you will need up front; possibly: chain, cassette, inner shifter cables, tires, tubes, brake pads,and handle bar tape.

Pull off the chain, wheels, crank arms if you have tools, bottle cages, and brakes (they can dangle on the cables).  Grab some rags and a spray bottle of something like 409 or Windex or Simple green and you can now clean the bike including all nooks and crannies.  Remember to clean all sides of the brake arms and pivots, as well as the cable guides under the BB.  Wax the entire frame with car wax – it helps keep it clean and easy to wash. especially under the bottle cages.

This is a good time to inspect for cracks.  If you see something odd, take it to a shop for an expert eye.

Clean both changers.  Many chain squeaks are actually the bushings going dry in the rear pulleys – take them out one at a time, clean the gunk off the teeth, and reassemble with a little light grease.  The upper and lower pulley may be DIFFERENT, and may also be DIRECTIONAL.  Pay attention.  And, use one drop of blue thread locker on reassembly to ensure they stay put.

Check the BB bearings and head set and make sure they are smooth, free and well lubricated with no play.  Now is the time to clean and repack them, if not.  Sealed units (like ISIS or Shimano Octalink) are throw aways if stiff.  Both designs are poor, you might be shocked what they feel like with the cranks off.

Remove the seat post, clean it, put a light layer of grease on it and re-install it (you marked it, right?).  That way it won’t corrode into place and become immovable.

Replace inner cables if needed.  Even they still move, they get sticky and shifting deteriorates.

Clean and re-pack your hub bearings and adjust to zero play on the bike.  You might clean and re-pack the free-hub mechanism, too. Even on sealed bearing hubs these need periodic maintenance. Yours may want heavy oil OR a super light grease – check the manual. Excessively thick lube can jam the pawls.

Put it all back together and make sure all fasteners are properly snugged.  If they close on a carbon bar or steerer, get a TorqueKey or similar light torque wrench and make sure you get it right.  Over tightening can crack the carbon.

Lube all the changer pivots. Nice new chain cut to the same length as the one you removed – leave the factory lube on it.  Adjust the changers.  Check brake pads and brake pad alignment – make sure the pad tracks are on the rim, not the tire!

Put on some clean new bar tape.   No squeaks. It all works.  Everything is nice and snug. Test ride it. Perfect.

If you can’t do it a shop will do it for you, but you can probably do most of this yourself.  If you need a new BB or headset it may be time for shop, since special tools may be needed.

Nice (like) new clean bike ready for a new year.  It should keep you busy for a couple of Saturdays, and you will enjoy a slick quiet new ride.

Hey you! Go try speedskating like a real Wolverine…

February 21, 2019 by

Have you ever wanted to try the fastest sport on ice? 


Try SPEED SKATES in a FUN and FREE way! 

Hosted by the 



On Sunday, February 24, our club will be having a FREE try speed skating event. The event will take place at BUHR PARK in ANN ARBOR from 9-10:30 AM, with waiver signature and skate fittings from 9-9:30 AM and ice-time from 9:30-10:30 AM. The event will not be formatted as a traditional practice, but instead more as a free-skate, to give new skaters the ability to try the skates at their own pace. I’m ENCOURAGING all Wolverines their FRIENDS and FAMILY to come to the event.  


Wolverine Sports Club! 


2751 Packard Road 

Ann Arbor, MI 48104 

WHEN: Sunday, February 24, 2019 

9 – 10:30 AM 

9 – 9: 30: Skate Fitting / Arrival 

9:30 – 10:30: On-ice Instruction 

Waiver signature required by all participants before stepping on ice.. 

The Wolverine Sports Club has a limited number of speed skates. 

We will do our best to accommodate everyone. 

Arrive early to get the best fitting skates!


From: Devlin Foley [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 10:38 PM
To: Devlin Foley
Cc: ‘Courtney L’Arrivée’
Subject: FREE Open House for Speedskating
Importance: High




On Sunday, February 24, our club will be having a FREE try speed skating event. The event will take place at BUHR PARK in ANN ARBOR from 9-10:30 AM, with waiver signature and skate fittings from 9-9:30 AM and ice-time from 9:30-10:30 AM. The event will not be formatted as a traditional practice, but instead more as a free-skate, to give new skaters the ability to try the skates at their own pace. I’m asking our skaters to ENCOURAGE their FRIENDS and FAMILY to come to the event.  


I am also looking for volunteers with their own skates to come help with on-ice instruction. Please e-mail me (Courtney) if you are interested in helping new skaters try our fun sport. Also, I am willing to sign for volunteer hours for this event, should anyone be looking to complete those for school. I would like to get our ratio of on-ice helpers to new skaters to be as low as possible, so that we can help as many skaters as possible with their first time on  speed skates. We are aiming to use this event for club recruitment; therefore, I would like to prioritize lending out skates to our new skaters trying the sport. Our skaters are welcome to attend, although I encourage any skaters who use our skates, to bring someone who is interested in trying the sport along with them.


Devlin Foley

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the social media links below:

WSC Speedskating on Facebook: 
WSC Speedskating on Twitter: 
WSC Speedskating on YouTube: 


Danny Klein Memorial Gathering Sunday Feb 17

February 15, 2019 by

Friends of the late Danny Klein will gather at the Lexus Velodrome 3-8 PM this Sunday February 17 to reminisce. There will be formalities just after 4 PM.  Many of you know Danny from the road as a speedy pillar of the WSC and Detroit area cycling community.


2019 WSC Club Kit Sizing

February 6, 2019 by


It’s great Louis Garneau kit for this year. Similar look to years past, though.

Fit samples were right standard fit in all quality levels. I can fit the size L easily for those who know me. The biggest fit difference is in sleeves. The Tour 2 has a shorter wider sleeve, the Equipe Premium has a snug aero sleeve that reaches all the way to my mid elbow in a size L. The long sleeve jerseys were very nice with a fit consistent with short sleeve units, so I can be a an L with a base layer and some space or an XL with a couple of layers under it. I would call then true to size but YMMV.

A link for paid up club members (hint hint) to order direct from LG will be coming soon.