Non-Member Waiver

April 23, 2019 by

Visitors and non-members are welcome to ride with us but are required to sign a liability waiver for each and every ride that they attend due to Club insurance rules. Yes, that is a pain. Every time, please.

Please print and BRING a signed copy with you to the ride – just click the link above or in the Pages section to the right. Better yet, Just JOIN the Club and be all official and everything. There is a link for that, too.

Post-Pandemic Pedal Pounding Prognostications

February 26, 2021 by

This is the time of year that I normally suggest that you take your bike in early for shop service, if that is how you get your ride ready, to keep the mechanics busy before they get buried with the hundreds of spring builds coming in. The bikes and bits supply chain has yet to recover from the pandemic bike boom so many normal service parts are still in short and unpredictable supply so even if you normally do your own wrenching it would be a good idea to source what you need early this time around. Chains, cassettes, tires and other I-need-it-now goodies are in variable supply.

It is too early to make any ride announcements, but with progress on mass vaccinations and improved public compliance on masks and hygiene I am optimistic that we will be able to resume regular open-call group rides of some sort by early summer. How that goes depends on many variables, but I am hopeful that we will get there as vaccination rates pick up speed. It will be nice to be able to post and actual ride someday soon. In the meanwhile, be sure to maintain exposure discipline to keep yourself and your family safe since this thing is definitely not over yet. No-one wants to be the last victim before this comes into better control. Family experience with both the Pfizer and Moderna pokes has been very positive and I personally encourage everyone to get vaccinated once they qualify.

Stay safe.


Basement Rides

January 18, 2021 by

It hasn’t been TOO bad out, so I’m sure that some are getting some outdoor rides in while others are cranking out watts in the home dungeon. One ofmthe (few) benefits of Zwift and similar apps is that you can do follow a well structured training plan rather than mindless spinning to no real gain. I’m in the middle of an 8 week plan to increase Functional Threshold Power. This stuff works.

A few people have tried to follow me on Zwift but said that there too many of my name to find, so my new name there is Jeffrey Johnson-WSC. I normally take the default route on whatever world pops up when I log on, so that’s where I can be found. See you on the virtual road.


Happier New Year 2021!

January 1, 2021 by

Happier New Year to all Beverly Ride riders. Better than 2020 is a really low bar so I’m certain we can do better than that!

I’m optimistic that if people behave and vaccinations are efficiently distributed that we will be able to ride safely again this summer. Even though vaccinations are coming now is not the time to relax exposure discipline, especially with a more contagious variant on the loose, so be smart and keep yourselves and your families safe. Tuck in tight for just a bit longer and we will make it out of the woods. A single recent unavoidable trip out of the bubble for an ER visit added 5 people to my list of friends and family infected, and they all rate it 1 out of 5 stars – you don’t want to go there.

Now is a great time to hit Zwift or a similar platform to build form of this summer. I hope that Santa brought you a nice new smart trainer for Festivus this year. I’m doing an 8 week structured workout aimed at improving my FTP myself. This can be done on the very cheap – the minimum set up is just any old trainer and a Bluetooth speed sensor so you can make this happen for as little as $20 if you aren’t investing in a fancy trainer, or wheel-on smart trainers can be had from as little as about $500.

Stay safe and let’s work towards a great 2021.


How to get onto the new Google WSC Mailing List

November 30, 2020 by

The instructions for getting onto the new Google hosted WSC List are below. While the List has been a bit quiet (cue the crickets) of late, I am hopeful that a combination of successful vaccines and rational behavior may see us close enough to the edge of the woods to resume some semblance of group rides again next year. I hope that happens, but in the meantime stay safe. Maybe I’ll bump into you on Zwift over the winter.



This is our weekly reminder for the WSC migration to google groups due to the Dec 15 yahoo group shutdown. If you already signed up and received a confirmation from the google group, then you are all set. Otherwise, we request you please follow the steps below in order to continue to receive Wolverine communications. This is the easiest approach to make the transition. Thanks

 WSC members and friends,
Due to yahoo groups shutting down Dec 15, the WSC Board is migrating the wolverine-list yahoo group to google groups. This provides a long term platform with more up-to-date capability. The new group will be WSC Board members will serve as moderators during the transition period. Join requests and all messages will be moderated; allow for some delay time. There will be some growing pains during migration, but ultimately it will be very similar to yahoo groups with additional capability. 

STEP 1 – A Google account is required (you needed a yahoo account for the yahoo group too) 
– If you already have a google account proceed to STEP 2. (If you have gmail, then you have a google account)
– OPTION 1 You can create a new gmail address, which gives you a google account. Go to:
– OPTION 2 You can create a google account using an existing non-gmail email address. Click on: create a Google Account without changing your email address.

STEP 2 – Request access to the wsc-community google group

Login to google:

Go to our google group:


STEP 3 – Allow time for membership approval (it may take up to a day)
You will receive email confirmation when your membership is approved
Messages are then posted by sending an email to

Thanks Fred

Yahoo is dead, well, real soon now it will be.

November 20, 2020 by

Please be aware that the WSC Club mailing list on Yahoo will die in a few weeks as Yahoo discontinues their list servers. If you are a subscriber you should have already received an invitation to join the new official WSC list on Google. Please check your mail if you haven’t seen it yet.

How do you fix this if you haven’t received an invitation? Good question. Next question? But try hitting and see what happens.