Sunday 9-25 Road Rides

September 24, 2016

Some of the last road rides of the year!

Regular Beverly Ride at 9:00 AM, last one on road bikes.

Woodward Ride to the Train Station photo op in Corktown; breakfast at the Detroit Institute of Bagels. There is also often a splinter group that diverts to the Avalon Bakery. 9:00 AM from Woodward and Maple to head downtown. 8:00 AM if you want to do the bonus loop N to Pontiac. Controlled modest pace downtown. Hot lap to Belle Isle if you are up to the pace. $10 donation to Michigan Youth Cycling requested. I’m doing this one myself. Led by the legendary EJ.


Saturday 9-24

September 23, 2016

Belle Isle from Beverly or Royal Oak.

Regular Beverly Ride at 9:00; this is the last one on road bikes.


This is the last week of 6 PM Road Rides! Got knobbies?

September 19, 2016

This week will be the last week of 6:00 PM road rides due to failing light and filing road maintenance. Thanks to everyone for making it a safe and fun year on the road, and thanks also to Tony, Jim, Marc and others who lead various Beverly Rides.

Next Tuesday September 27 and beyond until the weather is too bad or the crowd is too thin will be knobby tire rides at 6:15 PM. REAL LIGHTS MANDATORY, because these return in total darkness.  Night knobby rides use a mixture of paths, pavement and dirt roads to mix it up a little. Now is the time to test your bike and lights. Remember to avoid lights and behaviors that blind or dazzle other riders and drivers.

This week is also the LAST SATURDAY ROAD RIDE.  All future Beverly Saturday/Sunday rides from October 1 will also be knobby tire rides unless otherwise announced. This is to avoid the confusion in past years where 1/2 the crowd couldn’t figure it out reliably. If you don’t have a knobby tire CX or gravel or mountain bike then you can still probably manage these rides on a road bike with 25 or 28 mm tires. Our dirt roads our now often better and smoother than our paved roads, so a tip of the hat to Gov. Snyder and the boys in Lansing for that.


Saturday September 17 – Splish Splash

September 16, 2016

The weather wizards agree that Saturday is a rain out, so you have permission to sleep in. When have they ever been wrong before? If they turn out to be very wrong I may post something.


Evening Rides Move to 6:00 PM Tuesday September 13

September 10, 2016

All Tuesday and Thursday road rides are now at 6:00 PM due to failing light. We try to get back just before sunset, but a taillight is now mandatory and a white front marker light is a seriously good idea. Please read the earlier post on suitable lighting choices. We may occasionally get back later than hoped due to mechanicals, flats, getting trapped in a cemetery at closing time, or good old fashioned poor judgement so you are responsible for your own lighting choices.

Please also remember that when you are riding into that low sun you are INVISIBLE to the drivers behind you, so make sure that you keep yourself safe and way the heck to the right . I try to avoid riding west in such conditions, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

If the school lot is occupied by parent events, please be considerate and stay out of the way. If you gather at the park shelter instead on such occasions you will not be left behind.

These are still road bike rides for a couple of more weeks, but now is the time to get your CX-Gravel-MT bikes ready for Fall. Winter is coming.


(In Spain, TUESDAY the 13th is the unlucky day. Martes y trece!)