Non-Member Waiver

April 23, 2019 by

Visitors and non-members are welcome to ride with us but are required to sign a liability waiver for each and every ride that they attend due to Club insurance rules. Yes, that is a pain. Every time, please.

Please print and BRING a signed copy with you to the ride – just click the link above or in the Pages section to the right. Better yet, Just JOIN the Club and be all official and everything. There is a link for that, too.

Saturday June 10

June 11, 2021 by

Regular 9:00 AM ride. Coffee. Typically a bit longer before the break than after.

Roads may be damp but it should be a nice morning. Remember to bring plenty of water on these warmer days, dehydration ends badly.

Everyone is encouraged to come up front and learn how to take a clean pull. Maintain the ride rhythm and pace, it’s not a race. After your pull move over a bit and roll down to the back of the ride.


We’d RO ride meetup from Beverly tonight.

June 9, 2021 by

A few of us will be riding to the start of the Wed ride from Beverly School tonight. This is your chance to learn the direct route down at a leisurely pace. We start end end here at the same mileage. 
5:20 PM from Beverly School if you would like to join. 

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June 8 – Rained Out

June 8, 2021 by

Still raining hard with lightning at 5:00 PM, and a good line behind it on radar so we are not riding tonight. At least I’m not.

See you on the road soon.


Tuesday June 8, there will definitely …

June 8, 2021 by

… either be a 6:15 PM ride or there won’t. These are hard to call in advance when the radar looks like this, so use your own judgment.

If it is raining, nope. If the radar shows it is really going to happen soon, nope. If the rain seems done and the roads are drying, or if it looks both light and spotty, then yes.

If it looks iffy then I will ride but keep it to more local loops so we can bail out if need be. Since I live 2 minutes from the park, it is easy for me!


June 4, 2021 by

Saturday, June 5 9:00 AM

The last few rides have been flat to rolling, so this one will make a hilly exit to the eat and north up Northfield Parkway and then stay pretty much up and down as it wends and winds about 26 miles to coffee at the usual place.

But, I could also be talked into a flatter route through Franklin if folk aren’t ready for hills. It should be nicely warm with a stiff WSW breeze.


I would like to remind everyone that THERE IS NO CRASHING ON THE RIDE. Just don’t, please. Make sure that you are carrying ID and Emergency Contact information just in case you feel that you must break this rule, but there are a few tips below on how to stay out of the ER.

Leave a small space in front of you [like a 1 foot minimum] and DO NOT OVERLAP WHEELS. Never ever do that, because if that bike in front of you moves over and touches your front wheel you WILL go down. Hard. Every time. It will really hurt.

Hold your line. That means please ride as straight as practical. Do not weave. No hard maneuvers. If there is a survivable hole just flex your knees and lift off the saddle and hold your line. Hard, sudden jinks to avoid obstacles will crash the entire group behind you, especially if someone behind you was goofy enough to OVERLAP wheels.

Do not play White Line Hero. What’s that? That is when you choose to ride too close to the edge of the road and FALL OFF THE PAVEMENT onto the shoulder. If you do this, STAY DOWN OFF THE ROAD. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STEER BACK UP. Slow down. Stop. Put the bike back up over the edge and ride on. If you attempt to steer the bike back up that edge at a shallow edge you WILL crash EVERY TIME. This is usually a front wheel first wash out that removes about a square yard of skin from your left side. As a bonus, you will often take out anyone behind you as you remove that skin. But, if THEY are lucky they land on you and don’t get too scraped up. Zero Stars – Not recommended at all by the people who tried this game Tuesday night.

Always cross edges at sharp angles [slab edges, cracks, rail tracks etc]. If you ride across an edge at shallow angle you will crash, just like when you lose at White Line Hero. Edges are a major and common road hazard here, so keep an eye out. If you get this wrong the two most popular injuries are broken collarbones and pelvises. We know that because of the number of each we have loaded into rescue vehicles.

Ride safely. Remember that there is no such thing as an accident, there are only choices, and once you make a poor choice then it is just gravity and physics from there on out. Many people are clearly rusty at group riding, so please be sure to pay attention to the road and riders around you.