Is it now?

March 12, 2017

Um, no, not now.

In spite of the Spring Forward event this weekend, sunset will still be around 7:35 PM this week, which is still too short for a group ride since the time change has been pulled forward a couple of weeks from the ancient past when we started at the jump. Last year we didn’t got sort of regular April 12, but the year before it was the first week of May.  This year seems to be colder at the moment.

Weekend rides usually make it to regular status earlier, as they are less lighting dependent, but times may pull back to take advantage of the warmer temperatures with a delayed start.

Please watch for posted times soon as we work around temperature swings and spring rains, and clearly NOT this week for sure.

In the meanwhile, you should be doing your own rides as time permits to build some early miles, even if it is on a trainer.

This is also a great time to review your bicycles and ensure that they have good tires and are in safe tune.  Things I have seen in early spring include tires worn to the fabric, and items falling off mid-ride including brakes, brake pads (yikes!), saddles, saddle bags, brifters and on one fine day the entire crankset.  Don’t be that person! Start with a good scrub – a clean bike is a happy bike.

Check that ALL fasteners are tight, and I mean ALL fasteners, from stems to brake nuts. If you have carbon parts, invest $20 for a 5-5.5 Nm torque key to set them correctly.

Have a close look at how the brake pads contact the rim – if they touch the tire along with your rim you will have a blow out in a critical moment. Realign them if necessary. Pads get dry and slick with age – invest in some new ones once in a while, too, even before they wear out and you will stop better.

Check your chain for wear – it should be 12″ exactly from pin-pin. A chain wear tool is nice, but all you really need is a stiff rule or tape. Got to 12 1/16? Then get a new chain, pronto.  12 1/8″ or longer?  Sorry kid – invest in a new cassette at the same time. The bad chain wears out the cassette quickly. And if it is still good, keep it that way with a drop of oil on every roller, then give it a few spins and wipe it down well with a rag.  If the rear changer pulleys are cruddy ( and they probably are!) wipe (or scrape) them clean. If you use a waxy lube, this is when you will see why they are bad news on a road bike when you have to use a screw driver to peel the crud that is making your bike shift badly.

And please, get some new tires and fresh tubes on there.  Most local riders get no more than one summer per set.  They are what keep you alive, so that’s NOT where you want to cheap out!  Local roads suck, so get modern and buy at least 700 x 25’s instead of 23’s.  Go for the largest tire that you will fit in your frame, and ALL Modern frames will take a a 25 or 26 at a minimum. The wider tires have LESS rolling resistance, can be run at a lower pressure for more comfort, and are much less prone o dropping into deadly cracks. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.


Help Marc run a race!

February 26, 2017

To all Wolverines,

Please join us for the State Speedskating Meet next Saturday, March 4 from 1 – 7 P.M. at the Hazel Park Ice Arena (  This is the only speedskating meet that the WSC is sponsoring this year so your support would be greatly appreciated even as a spectator.

Also, please consider volunteering for some of the various positions many of which don’t need any previous experience such as the off-ice water bucket crew.

In addition, if we have ice time left over you can try out speedskating for yourself so bring your bike helmet and some gloves just in case you would like to try something out of the saddle.  Loaner skates will be available.

If you have any questions please contact me or Devlin.

Marc Posen

V.P. Wolverine Speedskating

The list of volunteers for the Michigan Speedskating Association Short-Track State Meet is slowly populating, but we are still short-handed. We need more volunteers. If you are available on March 4th from noon to 7pm, come on out to the Viking Ice Arena. Here is the link where you can sign up:

I am going to emphasize on the following areas:

Ice Crew



For Ice Crew, I am looking in the direction of our non-competitive skaters who are very comfortable handling ice squeegees, water buckets and laying/chasing track markers.

There are some off-ice crew members needed to fill and transport buckets of hot water from the Zamboni area to the rink for the on-ice crew.

For timers, it’s very simple. Start the watch when the gun goes off and stop it when the skaters you are watching cross the finish line. We have a team of timers so that you don’t have to watch every skater. Stopwatches are provided, but you can bring your own. The stopwatch app on Windows 10 phones and tablets are also a plus!

For judges, it’s another simple job; see who crosses the finish line in what place. Again, you work as a team so that you don’t have to keep an eye on every single skater. Judging equipment, clipboards and paper forms are provided.

Any questions? Let me know.

Devlin Foley

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the social media links below:

WSC Speedskating on Facebook:
WSC Speedskating on Twitter:
WSC Speedskating on YouTube:

WSC Speedskating on Google+:


February 18, 2017

If anyone is interested in a Sunday ride, any time, any pace, just post your plan in the comments. It was a great afternoon today.


Feb 18 Bonus Ride

February 17, 2017

10 AM from Beverly

Knobby tires suggested, along with an early season pace

No official leader but it should be nice enough out If I could ride myself,  I would probably do a loop up to Auburn HS and back.



WSC Membership Update Time

February 2, 2017

Please support the club that makes these organized rides possible, and level up your club membership now. Then I won’t have to make you sign a liability waiver before every ride, which will improve everyone’s day!




Wolverine Members:Happy Groundhog Day! Only six more weeks until spring.

Thanks to everyone who has already renewed their membership for 2017. 

If you haven’t renewed your Wolverine Sports Club membership, dues are only $25 for individuals or $30 for family memberships. It is always encouraging to see all the Wolverine Jerseys on rides and at races; it is even more encouraging when those folks are current members!

Why should you renew (or join up if you haven’t done so)?:
 First and foremost, membership in the Wolverine Sports Club brings with it a tradition of Champions. The WSC has consistently developed National, Olympic, and World Champions in both cycling and speed skating throughout its long history. 

 In addition there are several free or highly subsidized events each year including the Annual Awards Banquet and the Wolverine X-C Ski Weekends. Wolverines receive discounts at many local bike shops and significant discounts from a growing list of sponsors.

 Each year, the Wolverine Sports Club makes available to members only, various club uniforms and cycling apparel below market prices. Jerseys, shorts, windbreakers, vests, arm and leg warmers, gloves and so on. These high-quality pieces have the look of a professional cycling team and are only available to members.

 The WSC provides weekly recurring rides from various locations on the East Side, Royal Oak and Northville areas, six days a week. In addition, the racing contingent has a structured and successful coaching program to assist cyclists interested in racing to make the best of their training and ability. All Wolverine Cyclists are welcome to train with the racing contingent and take advantage of the excellent coaching and development within the club. This is something that has set the Wolverines apart from other area clubs for decades.

Here is how to renew (or join up, if you haven’t done so):
1. By snail-mail – Send your check made out to the Wolverine Sports Club, to P.O. Box 63, Royal Oak, MI 48068. You can get a membership form from the web site
2. On line through – You can renew electronically with a credit card. Go to click on “join the WSC”. Follow the instructions from there.
Membership cards will be sent electronically to those for whom I have an email address. Feel free to print it out and even  it. Thank you for supporting the Club, and if you have any questions, please e-mail me at  

Mary Wilson

Membership Secretary

Wolverine Sports Club