Fall Ride Schedule In Effect Tuesday September 10

September 9, 2019 by

All Tuesday/Thursday evening rides will now roll out at 6:00:00 PM due to early darkness. And yes, all means all Jeffrey/Jim/Tony/Bill led rides.

Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM. Road bikes preferred, but ride what works for you.

Rides are targeted to return about 15 minutes or so before sunset, but cloud cover or incidents of the road can affect timing and darkness so front and rear marker lights are advised for dusky returns. Please ensure that your lights are aimed slightly down, or horizontally at worst, so that you don’t blind and annoy riders behind you. If you have a strip light mounted on a seat stay or a rear helmet light, then I may be talking to you. Please don’t use them in the group.

It won’t be long until we give up on daylight rides and shift to gravel or mountain bikes with full lights. Maybe now is the time to buy yourself a new ride. N +1.

Saturday and Sunday are still at 9:00 AM. Road bikes are still the best choice, but we may shift to knobby tires a little earlier this year.



Non-Member Waiver

April 23, 2019 by

Visitors and non-members are welcome to ride with us but are required to sign a liability waiver for each and every ride that they attend due to Club insurance rules. Yes, that is a pain. Every time, please.

Please print and BRING a signed copy with you to the ride – just click the link above or in the Pages section to the right. Better yet, Just JOIN the Club and be all official and everything. There is a link for that, too.

Beverly Park Thursday No Drop Ride – Yep!

September 19, 2019 by

Up to Auburn Hills we’ll go. Bring your lights. Departing from the Beverly Village Park at 6:00 pm.

Evening Rides – ending Thursday September 25

September 16, 2019 by

Sunset is around 7:30 next Thursday, so that looks the last evening ride without lights next week.

We normally move back to 6:15 with full lights and knobby tires then, but as you have probably heard, I am still broken and don’t know who might lead them yet. I’m probably done for the year.

Please say so in the comments if you are interested in riding these, the last couple of years have been lots of fun but lightly attended, and we won’t do them if we don’t have critical mass.

Someone else will lead these last 2 Tuesdays, maybe YOU if no one else stands up to the call. Bill B will also lead out the last alternative Thursdays.



Beverly Park Thursday Ride – Nah

September 12, 2019 by

I can’t make it this evening to lead the ride from Beverly Park and with mist here and there in the area, I’m betting not too many others will want to head out anyway (especially Jeffrey Johnson – get well soon!). So let’s skip this October in September evening and look to next Thursday instead.

There is no passing out on the ride!

September 12, 2019 by

So, I am sure that many of you have heard that I went down pretty hard Tuesday night. Thanks to everyone who helped with the rescue, especially Marc and Carol who were at the ER, and those who have checked in.

Apparently I simply passed out while climbing Sodon Lake Road. I just wobbled a couple of times and fell over, or so I am told. I remember finishing a Clif bar as we crossed Telegraph, and then waking up in Emergency at Beaumont about an hour later. In between I’ve got nothing at all, just black, even though I am told that I was answering questions on scene. I assume that I tipped left, as all damages are on that side. Those include two non-displaced pelvic fractures, some super tenderized ribs, and some nice road rash on my shoulder blade. It is pretty ouchy when I move, and the cracks need to heal, so I am off the road for up to 6 weeks. Tests for strokes and cardiac events are all negative, so we think that it was a unique low blood sugar event from this long time diabetic. Ive been doing this for 40 years and this was a first.

Thanks to everyone for the warm wishes.